F A Q s

Do I need a wedding Film?

Modern wedding videography has evolved into a must-have for today’s brides and grooms. These are luxury, unique pieces of art that have very high production value with a cohesive narrative. I want to create a unique video of your wedding day that will be cherished not only by you but for future generations of your family.

Put aside the old notion of wedding video being a boring, cheesy and a 2, 3, or even 4 hour watch - this business idea came to me when I was just 20 years old, watching my parents' outdated wedding video, and decided to edit it down to a manageable 15 minutes. The results were better than I could have imagined and my parents were over the moon with their new video, which included all their favourite bits.

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What’s your style of filming on the wedding day?

Discreet, relaxed, unposed and professional.  There’s no big TV style cameras, bulky tripods, tv screens on the floor, or big bright hot lights – you probably won’t really notice me there at all!  I've been described many times as a silent ninja; I will capture moments as they naturally unfold so it’s ideal to go about your day as if I’m not even there!

Just pretend I’m another friend that’s at your wedding!

What kind of technology do you use?

In order to remain as inconspicuous as possible, I use two DSLR cameras. These don't overwhelm guests or take the attention away from the day.

 How long will the film creation process take and when will

I see my wedding video?

It’s good to know a rough timeline for the creative edit process.  Actual editing time will be in the range of 40 hours and it is a time consuming process but to obtain the best results I always put the time needed into it.  Typically I endeavor to have your films created within 6 weeks. Initial editing is of course included in the quote I provide you, however any further editing you want me to do outside of our agreed amount may incur additional costs.

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Is a 15 minute film long enough?

Yes! You will not need to touch the fast forward button! What I create aims to be entertaining to you both, your family, and your friends. It will be re-watchable and bring enjoyment each time. Traditional wedding video has a place as a basic historic documentary of the day. It’s not designed to be entertaining however and it’s unlikely you will watch a long full length video too often.

I offer documentary edits to complement the feature, you can of course get an edited film of the wedding ceremony and the full speeches – but it’s the highlights film you will be proudest of and the one you will watch the most.

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Who will film my day?

Holly Cassidy is the main videographer and will be the primary shooter on your day. In cases where a second videographer is needed I will arrange.


Do you cover Destination Weddings?

Yes, I love destinations weddings.  Please get in touch to check your date.  I will be happy to customise a quote for you.


Do you need a meal at the reception?

A hot dinner is always appreciated!  But no need to add me to the table plan I’m more than happy to have bar food.


How far in advance should I contact you?

I strive to be as flexible as possible, however to ensure my availability and avoid disappointment I advise allowing as much time as is possible.


How do we secure our date?

Please get in touch via the contact page.

How will our video be presented to us?

Once you've approved and are happy with your finished video, I will burn it onto DVD (two complimentary DVDs, with the option to purchase more copies) and a USB stick. The video will also be available for download and sharing via Dropbox.